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September 04, 2012

After School’s UEE turns into a butterfly goddess

After School’s UEE recently transformed into a butterfly goddess.
UEE drew a lot of attention by turning into a butterfly goddess while shooting a pictorial for the September issue of the magazine Campus 10.
The concept for the pictorial was ‘miss butterfly’ and UEE showed off her elegant and lovely charms through the pictorial.
It looks like she is in a romantic fairy tale with small butterflies. She shot the pictorial with 300 butterflies and created a bubbly atmosphere on the set by singing a song, “Butterflies, come here. Let’s play together.”
UEE said, “I felt awkward about working with insects at first but I think it was a brilliant idea to shoot the pictorial with butterflies. They make it look wonderful.”
People who saw the pictorial responded: “No one can look as good as UEE with those butterflies.” “UEE looks like a butterfly queen.”
Source: TV Report

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