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August 29, 2012

T-ara apologize to their fans: “We hope no one gets hurt anymore”

T-ara recently released an official handwritten apology.
On August 29, T-ara uploaded a long written apology on their official website, saying, “We apologize for our rash behaviors.” This is T-ara’s official apology made after a month of silence.
T-ara wrote, “This past month felt longer than the time that took for us to debut and the time we had worked hard with your support. We apologize for disappointing you.”
Regarding the conflict in the group, T-ara wrote, “We think it was a foolish behavior to talk about our problems in an open space. We deeply regret what we did and apologize for our rash behaviors. We also think Hwayoung has had a hard time because of the rumor that she has been bullied by us. We were also surprised by the unwanted, unexpected result and are sad that we can no longer be together. We only hope Hwayoung doesn’t get hurt anymore.”
Before T-ara released the letter, Hwayoung tweeted, “I wasn’t happy to hear that Eunjung was removed from her drama series. It was true that there was a small conflict between me and other members, but I was sad to hear the false rumor about me. I want to forget about the past and cheer for T-ara again. Because I know you have loved T-ara so much, I feel very sorry to make you worried about us.”
Source: Starnews


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