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August 28, 2012

Lee Min Ho teaches Kim Hee Sun how to ride a horse

On SBS’s Faith, Lee Min Ho taught Kim Hee Sun how to ride a horse.
On the afternoon of August 28, Choi Young(played by Lee Min Ho) taught Yoo Eun Soo(played by Kim Hee Sun) how to ride a horse.
Choi Young went to save Eun Su who had been kidnapped by Ki Cheol(played by Yoo Oh Sung).
Ki Cheol told Choi Young, “If Eun Su can’t cure the disease of Kyung Chang master whom you have served for three years, I will kill her.” Therefore Choi Young left to Kwang Hwa Do with Eun Su.
Choi Young told Eun Su, who is afraid of riding horses, “I am holding on to it. Go ahead and ride it.” Eun Su angrily replied, “The horse is moving!” Choi Young kept on teaching her and she got used to it.
In this broadcast, Kim Sung Hee burdened Choi Young’s heart by saying, “I want to go back.”
Source: Starnews


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