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August 20, 2012

Jang Keun Suk appears at ‘Summer Sonic 2012′

Jang Keun Suk recently formed a project group Team H and appeared at the ‘Summer Sonic 2012′ to show off his passion and talent.
The ‘Summer Sonic 2012,’ one of the biggest Asian music festivals, was held in Japan on August 19. Jang appeared at the festival with his musical partner Big Brother.
The project group Team H drew a lot of attention by giving unique performances at the festival, where many international musicians, including, Green Day, Rihanna, Jamiroquai, Sigur Ros, Ke$sha, and Hoobastank appeared.
Jang sang songs, including, “We Are,” “Shake It,” and “Gotta Get Cha” from their EP Team H. He also received considerable attention by performing remixed DJ songs.
Many people were so excited at the concert that they pushed up to the front and even made Jang stop performing temporarily. He rearranged the seats and started the concert again.
Jang spoke in English about how he feels appearing at the festival and explained the music that Team H makes, and he also talked about his future plans.
Jang finished performing ‘The Cri Show 2′ in Seoul, Japan, and China. He will hold another show in Taiwan on August 1.
Source: TV Report


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