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August 23, 2012

Check out the teaser of ZE:A’s new album Phoenix

he “idol” group ZE:A has recently released the teaser of “Phoenix” in which they appeal with a new look.
On August 23, the Star Empire Entertainment posted the teaser of “Phoenix” which is to be released on August 27 on its official website and YouTube.
So far, the boys have grabbed many female fans’ hearts with a gentle image in the title track “After Effect” of their second album. But the strong beat and sharp group dance shown in their new teaser predicts the group to return with an opposing charm.
A staff member of their agency said, “The boys have practiced day and night to come up with a spectacular group dance that will remind viewers of a phoenix soaring into the sky. They’ll fully appeal the ‘macho’ charm they’ve been hiding so far,” and asked fans to build expectations for the return stage.
The group revealed all of their jacket images and teaser of their new album. The title track “Phoenix” and the R&B version of “After Effect” are to be released on various music websites on August 27.


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