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August 28, 2012

Big Bang’s G-Dragon releases his new solo album on September 1

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will release his new single “That XX” on September 1.
YG Entertainment posted a picture of G-Dragon wearing unconventional clothes and announced that he will release his new single soon through their official blog (
On August 25, G-Dragon released the “One of a Kind” music video and received a lot of attention as the hottest icon in the entertainment world.
The song captured the public with strong hip-hop beats and honest lyrics, which were written by G-Dragon. In the picture, which was released on the blog, G-Dragon looks unconventional and classic with blond hair and a unique patterned suit.
The eye catching phrase with the title of his new single made people curious what kind of song it is. The song “That XX” is written by G-Dragon, Teddy, and Seo Won Jin.
People are also paying a lot of attention to G-Dragon and how he will promote his new single.
The agency is not giving a specific schedule regarding the single release and the date of his return on TV.
G-Dragon previously released the “One of a Kind” video for free without holding any promotions and it made the broadcast officials curious too.
Source: TV Report


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