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July 16, 2012

Should you cut off your bangs or not?

If you want to change your look, you might consider cutting off your bangs. However, you also might hesitate because it takes a long time to grow them back once you’ve cut them off.
Here are some examples of celebrities with and without bangs. Let’s see which hairstyle would suit you the best.
◇ SNSD’s Taeyeon and Park Bo Young: “They’re cuter with bangs.”
SNSD’s Taeyeon is popular among men because of her white skin and cute face. However, she was once humiliated because of her long hair without bangs when she was a member of Tae Ti Seo because she looked older than her actual age, and it even seemed that she had had plastic surgery.
However, she recently appeared at a production report press conference for the movie I AM with bangs and received a comment that she looked younger than her actually age, which was completely different from the earlier impression sha gave.
Also actress Park Bo Young, who is in the recently released movie Unidentified Video, appeared at a production report press conference for that movie with bangs that sparsely exposed her forehead. Because she has a pretty forehead, she still looks good with long straight hair without bangs. However, she looked cuter with the bangs.
 SNSD’s Jessica and Miss A’s Suzy create innocent looks without bangs
Some celebrities grow their bangs as summer comes. Bangs are the best hairstyle for creating a younger look. These particular celebrities, however, gave up on their bangs because they can cause skin troubles. For them, the bangless style looks good.
SNSD’s Jessica and Miss A’s Suzy have usually shown their foreheads since their acting debut.
When they have bangs, they look cute and lively. However, they look innocent when they have long straight hair without bangs.
◇ Kim Tae Hee, Son Ye Jin, and Song Hye Kyo
Actresses So Ye Jin, Kim Tae Hee, and Song Hye Kyo, representative beauties of Korea, usually opt for feminine, elegant hairstyles.
In SBS TV’s drama series Stairway to Heaven, Kim showed off her beautiful face with her hair tied back.
She is more beautiful when she exposes her forehead.
Son tries various hairstyles. Because she has well-defined features, she looks good with just about any hairstyle.
When she was appearing in KBS TV’s drama series Summer Scent, she showed off her innocent look with her bangs swept back to the side. Unlike the regular straight bangs, Son’s bangs can easily suit anyone.

Song, an actress who has a doll-like face, is one of the celebrities who look cute with bangs. When she exposes her forehead, she looks mature. However, she looks cute and younger with bangs
Source: Money Today

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