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June 07, 2012

Collaboration with JYP, ’2PM Shake’ released in 13 languages

2PM Shake, a rhythm action game, was recently released in App Stores all over the world in 13 languages.
Dooub, the mobile contents service company, collaborated with JYP Entertainment to make the 2PM Shake, including 6 hit songs, such as “Hands Up.”
2PM’s fast beats and repeated melodies complement the various note patterns of the rhythm action game.
The Shake series offers traditional ‘Tap’ style of gameplay as well as a new ‘Shake’ mode and ‘Make Note’ mode. It also adopted a new card system to automatically upgrade itself.
The ‘Shake’ mode uses seamless-gesture technology and it will make users feel like a DJ scratching a turntable.
The ‘Make Note’ mode allows users to make their own notes and enjoy them anytime they want. This awesome feature will bring an unlimited amount of new content.
The card system can be used in various ways. Users can buy pictorials of the group with their scores and cards and can make them into their own star collections.
Kim Sung Hoon, the director of the company, says, “The game is the first rhythm action game for singers from JYP Entertainment and that’s very meaningful to us. We will make the game for users and fans to enjoy together.”
The 2PM Shake will be added to the highest class GS card right after its release. Additional hit songs and new songs will be added to the game later.
Source: TV Report

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