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June 07, 2012

Big Bang’s Daesung says, “I’m thankful for being ‘alive’ every morning”

Big Bang’s Daesung has shown affection to the group’s new song “Still Alive.”
On June 5 at 5:00 p.m., the group appeared at a press conference titled YG x Hyundai Card Re-Branding Project, which was held on the first floor of Hyundai Card’s headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul. Members shared their plans regarding their special album Still Alive.
Daesung said, “Among the tracks listed on the album, my favorite one is ‘Still Alive.’ As you can see from the lyrics, the song talks about shifting between different kinds of emotions.
 When I listen to it, I feel alive and become thankful for each day. I begin each day with this song. Also, it reminds me of the emotions I experienced while recording it.”
The group will not be involved in music activities with this album, but instead, they will be seeing their fans with the “Re-Branding Project.” Hyundai Card has expressed the group’s growth in music and concerns they have in a new logo, BI (Brand Identity), album jacket, and music video. They also created a guidebook for the boys’ new brand.
Another project, called “Re-monster,” will be launched. Many different musicians will gather and reinterpret Big Bang’s “Monster” in their own way and present it to Hyundai Card Music. The company plans to release the rearranged songs officially.
The artist who makes the best “Re-monster” arrangement will be given an opportunity to perform at the Hyundai Card Music pop store, which opens on June 8, and the winner will also get support for producing a digital single of the winning entry.
On the 3rd of June, Big Bang revealed all the tracks of the album. Out of nine songs, five are new, and so far, the title track, “Monster,” is sweeping all the top rankings on various online charts in Korea.
Source: Starnews

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