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May 24, 2012

T-ara’s song is released illegally, “We will take legal action”

Groups Gangkiz and T-ara’s songs were recently released illegally and their agency, Core Contents Media, announced its official position.
On May 24, the agency said, “We are planning to take legal action internationally since T-ara’s new song and Gangkiz’s follow up song were released illegally on YouTube.”
T-ara’s new song and Gangkiz’s follow up song were going to be released in the summer. Worldwide choreographer Jonte Moaning, who has worked with Beyonce for her song “Single Lady,” created choreography for the songs. Bae Yoon Jung, the leader of a Korean choreography team, went to New York to learn dance moves from him.
Bae says, “When I was learning dance moves from Jonte in New York, officials of Core Contents Media, a Japanese agency, and a US agency were recording the video.” The agency is currently checking into the validity of the claims.

Source: TV Report

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