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May 24, 2012

MBC decides not to play Jay Park’s objectionable songs

The deliberations assembly of MBC recently announced that they will not play 4 of Jay Park’s songs from his first album, which were designated as ‘harmful to youths.’
On May 24, an official of MBC said, “We follow what the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family announce. Park’s songs were designated as ‘harmful to youths’ so we are not going to play his songs during the ‘peak youth listening times.’”
He added, “We are not saying that we will not play Park’s songs at all, we are saying that we won’t play his songs during these times.’”
On May 24, the Ministry released a list of Park’s songs, including, “Turn off Your Phone” and “Wasted” that they deemed ‘harmful to youth.’
From Park’s first album New Breed, which was released in February, 4 songs were designated as ‘harmful to youth.’ The ministry said the songs “New Breed” and “Aom & 1llionare” include coarse language and “Turn off Your Phone” and “Wasted” include coarse language and dangerous drugs.
Illinit’s “Ill Bomb” and Dok2′s “Leave Me Alone” were also designated as ‘harmful to youth.’
The decision will come into force starting on May 31.
Source: Starnews

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