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May 16, 2012

JYJ’s Jun Su changes into a beautiful girl

JYJ’s Jun Su recently attracted attention by dressing up as a girl.
On May 15, Jun Su uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “Thank  you, everyone. Always.”
In the picture, Jun Su is dressed up as a girl. Dressed in a black outfit and having wavy hair, Jun Su looks proud of himself. He’s especially attracting attention with his pretty face.
People responded: “Jun Su looks awesome,” “How can he be prettier than a girl?” “Jun Su’s really pretty,” “I think he looks prettier after dressing up as a girl.”
Jun Su will soon releasing his first solo album Tarantallegra and is also preparing for his concert tour in Asia, which will start in Korea on May 19 and 20. He’s also nominated for the Best Actor at the 6th The Musical Awards, which will take place next month, for his role in the musical Elizabeth.
Source: TV Report

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