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April 10, 2012

Let’s give a warm welcome to the new member of After School, Ga Eun

After School recently introduced a new face as the fifth generation.
On April 10, the group’s agency, Pledis stated, “After School’s new face Ga Eun is 17 years old. She was chosen as a member among the trainees of our agency because she proved the most powerful vocals and performance skill.”
With her joining the group, After School became a nine-member girl group, including the eight existing members, Kahi, Jung Ah, Joo Yeon, UEE, Beka, Raina, Nana, and Lizzy.
After the scouting was confirmed, Ga Eun said, “I was really thrilled at joining the team. I want to be an important, supportive member of the team.”
The agency also said, “The group has been growing into one of the hottest girl groups in K-pop by joining members step-by-step since its debut. You can expect more refreshing group with new face Ga Young’ joining the team.”
Ga Young is to make herself known to public with the group’s new album, which is slated to be out on June 21, and thereafter she is expected to be a key figure in After School.
Source: TV Report

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