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April 26, 2012

A boy group of seventeen members by Pledis is coming soon

A boy group of seventeen members is coming soon.
Agency Pledis, representing Son Dam Bi, After School, NU’EST, and others, are preparing the debut of a boy group. Seventeen (the group’s tentative name), consisting of seventeen members, aims to make its debut later this year.
The group with the most members so far, is SM’s Super Junior, which aims to advance overseas markets. However, Seventeen, consisting of seventeen members of their average age of seventeen, is to take over the title.
Pledis set a different strategy whereby the group will make its debut in overseas markets as well as in domestic market rather than making a debut in domestic and advancing to overseas by a conventional strategy.
All the seventeen members will be divided into three units to promote themselves in Korea, China, and Japan. Of course, they include Chinese members for the localization.
On April 26, a representative of Pledis stated, “We’ve been preparing the team to cover China and Japan, as well as Korea for a long time. “
The agency also has a girl group to make a debut earlier in May, which is named Hello Venus.
Source: Starnews

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