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April 26, 2012

SHINee’s Tae Min asks how to find a good spouse

SHINee, who has hit the ground running with their song “Sherlock,” will appear on tvN’s talk show Taxi.
On April 26, tvN said that SHINee will appear on the show, which will air on April 26, and talk about when they were trainees and who worked hard to become a K-pop representative idol group.
SHINee members, who have become true men from flower boys, will talk honestly on the show. Tae Min, the youngest member in the group, surprised people by asking Gong Hyung Jin, the MC for the show, “How can I meet nice spouse?”
Group members also set their own rankings. They will talk about who is popular in other countries and whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs. They will also answer questions offered by their fans. Many people are eagerly anticipating SHINee’s various episodes.
An official says, “SHINee will talk about their behind the scene stories, including when SHINee had hard time as trainees.”
Source: Starnews

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