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September 16, 2012

YG is psychic: “Big Bang’s Seungri will make a mistake”

Yang Hyun Suk, president of YG Entertainment, is drawing a lot of attention with his previous remarks regarding Big Bang’s Seungri, who was recently involved in a sex scandal with a Japanese woman.
Seungri appeared on SBS’s Strong Heart in March and said, “The president called me few days ago. He asked me if I know what have I done wrong. I thought carefully and said I don’t know.”
He made many people laugh by saying, “Then he said that he called me not because I did something wrong but because I will make a mistake in the future.”
People responded that Yang is psychic, so he scolded Seungri first and Seungri made a mistake later.
On September 13, the Japanese weekly Friday released pictures of Seungri sleeping naked in his bed. The media outlet also reported that a woman said that she spent the night with him.

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