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September 12, 2012

U-KISS reveals last ‘STOP GIRL’ teasers featuring Hoon and Dongho

The last individual teasers for U-KISS’ 7th mini-album STOP GIRL have finally been unveiled.
Since a couple days ago, the group has been releasing teasers in pairs (Kiseop/Eli, Soohyun/Kevin), and now the final pair featuring Hoon and Dongho have been revealed.
Like their fellow members before them, both Hoon and Dongho bask under the bright camera light while dressed in snazzy outfits. Two things of interest have been noted: 1) each featured pair stands under the lights in different settings – Kiseop, Kevin, and Hoon stand against a dark blue background while Eli, Soohyun, and Dongho stand against a purple-burgundy background; 2) the same groupings wear similar outfit tops, perhaps providing for some sort of theme.
U-KISS will release the MV teaser for STOP GIRL on September 13th at 12PM and the mini-album on September 20th.
Source: @ukisskorea

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