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September 16, 2012

SNSD’s Jessica snaps a picture with the popular Brownie

SNSD’s Jessica revealed a picture that she took with Brownie.
On September 16, Jessica changed the profile picture of her Ufotown to a picture that was taken with Brownie. Brownie is a popular dog doll, which appears in the Mrs. Jung corner on KBS 2TV’s Gag Concert.
In the picture, Jessica is putting her head together with the doll and acting cute. Her squinting expression and her bright smile attract attention.
Her casual fashion stood out. She wore a pink hoodie and showed off her womanly charms with her long wavy hair.
Netizens commented: “Jessica is so cute.” “Brownie is the trend.” “You’re getting prettier day by day.”
Previously on September 14, SNSD released the music video of their new Japanese single, Oh. The album will be released in Japan on September 26.
Source: TV Report

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