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September 03, 2012

Orange Caramel dazzles fans with flawless ‘Lipstick’ album teasers

After School’s sub-unit Orange Caramel is gearing up for their comeback and has released individual teaser images for 1st studio album Lipstick.
This comeback was announced previously last month and the trio has been hard at work, recording songs for their 1st studio album. Since then, not much news was given regarding their comeback until early morning of September 4th when the official Facebook of After School was updated with the three new teaser images. Shedding their cute and innocent looks that won them much love when they debuted with Magic Girl, Nana, Raina, and Lizzy dazzle and look glamorous in elegant and chic attire. Each member also flaunts a different type of lipstick and it will be interesting to see which direction they will go in for this album.
Lipstick will be released on September 12th, with their Japanese debut single Yasashii Akuma on September 5th.

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