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September 05, 2012

Music video of G-Dragon’s “That XX” receives over five million hits on YouTube

G-Dragon’s new music video received over five million hits in only four days.
On September 1, G-Dragon released a music video of his new song, “That XX.” This music video is currently attracting a lot of attention, receiving over five million hits on YouTube in only four days.
The music video is also attracting a lot of attention in many European countries. The lyrics of the song are translated into several languages. Many fans of G-Dragon are also showing their interest in the music video by making UCC.
A soft melody and unconventional lyrics of the song are especially attracting a lot of attention. Kim Jenny, a member of YG Entertainment’s new girl group, is also appearing in the music video as G-Dragon’s lover.
People responded: “I just love the song, ‘That XX.’” “G-Dragon’s popularity will never stop increasing.” “This song is so addictive.” “It’s G-Dragon’s power.”
G-Dragon’s new EP will be released on September 15 on online music sites and will also be released offline on September 18.
Source: TV Report

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