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September 09, 2012

2PM’s Nichkhun is secretly doing volunteer work

2PM’s Nichkhun has stopped his activities and is currently taking some time for self reflection and doing volunteer work.
On September 7, the agency, JYP Entertainment, said that Nichkhun recently started doing volunteer work at a welfare facility in Seoul.
Nichkhun was involved in an accident after drinking beer and has been taking some personal time for self reflection. He also decided to do volunteer work as a social responsibility.
Nichkhun has been spending time with the children at the welfare facility for the last two weeks.
A spokesperson for Nichkhun says, “It was his decision. He wanted to do volunteer work in quiet and to keep it quiet. He will continue his volunteer work for a while. He doesn’t have any special plan except for that.”
On August 30, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office announced that Nichkhun faced summary trials for drunk driving and was ordered to pay four million won.
Source: Starnews

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