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August 15, 2012

The popular emcee Yoo Jae Seok performs good deeds in Germany

The popular emcee Yoo Jae Seok performing good deeds in Germany is creating a stir.
Recently on an online community board, a picture titled, “Yoo Jae Seok is considerate even in Germany” has been revealed. It has been revealed that this has been captured from an episode of SBS TV’s X-man, which was held back in year 2006 at Heidelberg, Germany. The picture had created a stir back then but it’s becoming a hot issue once again.
The picture displays Yoo picking up trash in Germany. He is holding trash bags in both of his hands, and cleaning up enthusiastically.
When this picture was taken he said, “Hey guys, we need to clean this up. We should clean more when we are in other people’s country.” The writer of the post also reminisced and said that Yoo greeted the fans who recognized him and also took pictures with them.
Netizens commented: “The little episode in Germany is so heartwarming.” “He sure represents Korean emcees.” “That’s why he is being loved so much.”
Source: TV Report

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