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August 23, 2012

Recently, singer IU gave a witty answer about the incident where she almost slipped on stage.
Previously on August 22, IU uploaded a post titled “I am so free today.” on her official fan site and answered fans’ questions.
One fan asked, “What thoughts crossed your mind when you almost slipped on stage?” IU wittingly answered, “If I fall now, the second verse will be too long!”
Another fan asked, “What thoughts cross your mind when something goes wrong or when you slip?” IU gave a good laugh by saying, “I really hope that all the audience saw it clearly.”
The questions that the fans asked were about the incident that occurred on MBC’s 2012 DMZ Peace Concert, which was held at Imjingak Peace Noori Park on August 14. The stage was very slippery due to heavy rain.
Netizens commented: “It was very dangerous.” “It was so good to see you sing until the very end.” “I thought you were going to fall.”
Source: Starnews


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