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August 28, 2012

f(x)’s Sulli turns back into a lovely girl on To The Beautiful You

f(x)’s Sulli recently turned back into a lovely girl.
In the sixth episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You, which will air on August 29, Sulli will turn back into a girl after pretending to be a boy.
She will attend a school festival in a white mini skirt and black see-through blouse. She will sing an emotional song on the stage and capture the boy students.
Since Sulli has been disguising herself as a boy, the audience is wondering what made her appear at the festival as a girl. SHINee’s Min Ho, who found out that Sulli is a girl, also made people curious what will happen next.
Sulli sang IU’s song “Peach” and surprised the entire crew. IU previously said that she wrote the song inspired from Sulli and Sulli said that she wanted to sing the song in the series.
The production company for the series says, “Even though Sulli has a tight shooting schedule, she always shoots her scenes with a smiling face. She also gives her happy energy to the staff members and cast members. Please pay attention to her and see how she overcomes barriers in her way.”
The fifth episode of the series will air on August 29 at 9:55 p.m.
Source: Star Daily News


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