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August 23, 2012

Boyfriend successfully debut in Japan, ranking fourth on the Oricon Chart

Boyfriend recently debuted in Japan.
On August 22, Boyfriend released their first single, “Be My Shine,” in Japan and soon ranked fourth on the Oricon Daily Single Chart.
Announcing their debut through a large showcase early this year, Boyfriend said, “We want to top the Oricon Chart,” in an interview with the Oricon.
Boyfriend also talked about their plan for the future in detail. They said, “We want to go on a national concert tour in Japan and hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome. We want to become a group that is popular in both Korea and Japan.”
Along with the interview, the Oricon Style also introduced the members and their music, saying, “Boyfriend who won the Best New Artist three times in Korea just debuted in Japan.”
Boyfriend held a premium showcase, titled First Date with Boyfriend in Japan, at the Nippon Budokan on June 30. They were a new singing group that hadn’t debuted yet, but the famous Japanese agency Bing helped them hold the large-scale showcase.
Boyfriend will promote their single in both Korea and Japan. They’ll also start promoting their single all over Asia at the end of this year.
Source: Starnews


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