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May 16, 2012

An unedited photo of miss A’s Suzy wows netizens

miss A‘s Suzy who is dubbed as the ‘nation’s first love’ revealed her real, unedited figure in a recent picture.
On May 16th, the above picture was shared on an online community board with the caption, “Suzy, her real figure taken from the front view.”
Suzy’s flesh-colored dress that blended in with her skin tone highlighted her trim figure, and the matching nude heels made her legs appear even longer. The black band caused her waist to look even more slim, and netizens who were wowed by this unedited photo of Suzy remarked that she could be a real model with her proportionate figure and tall height.
Wow… her proportions are excellent“, they wrote after seeing the photo, along with “Looks like she can surpass an actual model.
Source & Image: Star News via Nate

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