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May 13, 2012

Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong still has a voluptuous figure

Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong made people envious by showing off her voluptuous figure even after she lost weight.
On May 11, an online community posted several recent pictures of Jeon with the caption, “Jeon Hyo Seong lost weight but she still has a voluptuous figure.”
In the pictures, even though Jeon is young, she is showing off her beautiful and resilient legs. She is also showing off her voluptuous figure in a low cut top. She was praised for her firm figure even before she started losing weight. She made female fans envious by being recognized as a representative for women with voluptuous figures.
People responded: “She doesn’t need to lose weight to look beautiful.” “She is not even chubby.” “I hope she can be free from her diet someday.” “I envy Jeon Hyo Seong.”
Source: TV Report

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