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May 23, 2012

How is 2PM’s Taec Yeon doing after the surgery?

Recently, 2PM’s Taec Yeon greeted his fans on Twitter after getting a surgery.
On May 22, the star tweeted, “The surgery was successful and I’m leaving the hospital in just five days. A lot of things happened in the meantime like JJ’s new song came out and Woo Young talked about his soloist debut. It’s still hard for me to go around freely, but let me prepare for another new start.”
On the 16th of May, JYP Entertainment posted his injury on the website: “After a promotion event in Japan on the 15th, 2PM members took a break playing arm-wrestling and Taec Yeon fractured his left humerus.”
Netizens who read Taec Yeon’s tweet commented: “Don’t get hurt again.” “Congrats on leaving the hospital.” “Don’t overwork on your upcoming Budokan concert.”
2PM is holding an exclusive live concert, “6 Beautiful Days,” in Budokan Japan starting on the 24th of May. The group will release its new single “Beautiful” on June 6 and begin their large-scaled album promotion.
Source: Starnews

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