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May 24, 2012

B1A4′s “Baby Good Night” has secret meaning

Group B1A4 surprised their fans with their song “Baby Good Night.”
B1A4 released their first album B1A4 Ignition Special Edition on May 24.
In the teaser for the song, group members made people curious about the song by talking to their girlfriend through the phone saying, “You didn’t go to bed yet? Where do you want to meet me tomorrow? I’ll go to your house then.”
Many people thought the song is about a romantic declaration of love like Sung Si Kyung’s song “Good Night” but that was not true.
The song is written by leader Jin Young and is about a play boy who tries to make his girlfriend fall asleep so that he can go out and cheat on her. The song is synthpop combined with house. Unique and sensational lyrics, written by group members, complement the song and capture the public’s attention.
It says, “Yes, you go to bed first tonight. If you fall asleep I’ll go to bed too. I hung up the phone and got ready to go out in fancy clothes. Nobody knows. I’ll lie to you today. I’ll go back to you tomorrow. If you feel awkward or know what is going on, can you just move on?”
People who listened to the song responded: “The song surprised me a lot.” “The song sounds scary.” “I like the song! It’s even sweet.” “Even though I know what is going on, I’ll move on if I hear their voice.” “The song captured me perfectly.”
B1A4 will start keeping busy by appearing in the May 25 episode of KBS’s Music Bank and releasing their album offline on May 29.
Source: TV Report

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