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March 22, 2012

2PM’s Asian tour creates 60 billion won worth of economic value

Boy group 2PM successfully went on a 6 month long Asian tour.
On March 21, according to CJ E & M, 2PM held the ’2PM Hands Up Asia Tour 2011-2012′ starting in September in 2011 through March of this year. They finished touring Asia on March 11 by holding the last concert in Hong Kong.
2PM showed off their power in ticket sales by selling 10,000 seats in Taiwan, 7,000 seats in Jakarta, 8,000 seats in Singapore, 9,000 seats in Bangkok, 9,000 seats in Nanking, and 9,000 seats in Hong Kong.
A spokesperson for M-Live, CJ E & M’s global concert brand which directed 2PM’s concert, says, “Even though the base area of K-pop fever and Hallyu is Asia, there are very few artists who can sell out all of the seats for their 10 concerts, which were held in 8 countries for 6 months.”
“We believe 2PM’s Asia tour has created over 60 billion won worth of economic value. Profits from selling their albums and tickets for their concerts, sponsor, marketing, promotion, value-added expense, and stabilizing Hallyu are also factors.”
Over 7,000 tickets for 2PM’s Indonesian concert sold out in only 1 hour. Indonesian local company says, “There already was a K-pop fever here but after 2PM held their concert, it is at its high pitch.”
Officials in Thailand, one of the biggest markets for K-pop and Nickhun’s hometown, say, “2PM is very popular in Thailand. The group is playing a great role in K-pop fever in Thailand.”
One of the most important reasons for their high popularity is that they think about their local fans by providing autographed posters, choosing local music, and holding signings.
A spokesperson for M-Live says, “Besides holding high quality concerts, a variety of promotions and services for local fans are also necessary to help K-pop globalize.”
JYP Entertainment says, “Thanks to the fans, we had a great result. We are happy to help K-pop artists go to Asia. We also want to thank the Korean fans who have waited for the group while they toured Asia. We will pay back your love by releasing a new Korean album.”
Source: Starnews 

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