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September 10, 2012

SHINee unveils the three covers for 5th Japanese single “Dazzling Girl”

Boy group SHINee has unveiled the three covers for their upcoming Japanese single, Dazzling Girl.
Since releasing five individual black-and-white teasers, as well as one colored group teaser image, SHINee has been relatively quiet in regards to more information about their single. But rest assured, fans, as the covers for the Limited A, Limited B, and Regular Edition albums have been released.
It’s already been announced that the Limited Edition A will come with a special clutch bag, the first of its kind, but fans have been surprised to discover that the album is actually in the form of a dazzling clutch bag, further cementing the group’s status as contemporary. Meanwhile, the cover of Limited Edition B is comprised of the ‘D’ logo that has been present in their teasers thus far and will be a 3-part digipak. Last but not least, the Regular Edition shows all five members standing in color against a black background, as they surround a “D: shaped mirror that shows the reflection of the back of the ‘Dazzling Girl’.
The single will be released on October 10th.
Source: SHINee Japan

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