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September 11, 2012

A TV series producer says, “CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin will perform well”

A producer for a TV series recently talked how he feels about CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin performing in the series.
A press concerence for KBS’s new weekend series My Daughter Seo Young was held On September 11 in Seoul. Producer Yoo Hyun Gi said, “Lee is not perfect yet but I look forward to seeing his performance.”
Lee will play the role of a weird high school boy named Kang Sam Jae.
The producer said, “I wasn’t planning to cast an idol star. We held several auditions to find a good actor for the character and Lee finally passed the audition.”
“I’ve seen Lee shooting the series a few times and I can’t say that Lee’s performance is great or perfect. But since he has performed on big stages as a member of CNBLUE, he doesn’t have any fear.”
“He always does what he planned to do. I think he will become a good actor around in March next year when the series completes.”
Lee said, “Thank you for your expectations. I’ve never appeared on a TV series before but I think it’s similar to a band. Each part of the band makes a song and I think making a TV series is the same thing. I will learn many things from the veteran actors.”
The series is a family drama about a father and a daughter, who disowns her father. The first episode will air on September 15 at 7:55 p.m.
Source: Starnews

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