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August 28, 2012

1 vs. 100 : B2ST’s Yang Yo Seob fails to win the money prize of 50,000,000 won just before the success

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seob, who recently appeared on 1 vs. 100 and failed to win the money prize of 50,000,000 won, took to Twitter to express his disappointment.
After watching himself fail to move forward on the KBS show, the B2ST wrote, “I should’ve had more time to think about the answer. How come I confidently said, ‘Number 3. A frog.’ Croak, croak.OMG, what have I done?”
Before he gave the wrong answer, Yang was successful from the start to all the way to the fifth round, beating 92 out of 100 opponents. Sadly, the singer wasn’t successful with the question at the sixth round. The correct answer for the question was a snake.
After his being eliminated, Yang, however, stated, “It’s was unexpected. I can’t believe that I survived until there were only four opponents left. That was such an exciting memorable experience.”
Source: TV Report


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