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July 24, 2012

EXO heads to Thailand to meet with fans

New SM boy group EXO is making their way to Bangkok, Thailand, to meet lucky fans.
EXO-K and EXO-M have regrouped once more to present to fans a fun mini live in a fanmeeting to be held on July 28th. KPOP on Facebook, which is a page headed by SM to bring to fans the latest in KPOP, wrote in the captions, “EXO will go to Thailand this week for their first promotion in Thailand. We will be taking pictures of EXO members while staying in Thailand. So, write what you want to see from their promotion as a comment, then we will upload it on ‘KPOP on facebook’ page.”
For those of you interested in wanting to see fun pictures of the members, don’t forget to click the source link to leave your comment on what pictures you would like to see.

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